One Meal At a time

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Welcome to Lets Get Illuminated. My name is Joaneen Morris my friends call me Joni and because we are friends that is what I will be using from here on out. I started this blog because I began a new entrepreneur business selling information products on line. I was asked to think of something I am passionate about and this is it. Fighting morbid obesity. I am passionate about it because I am fighting the fight as well. I will be updating my site with great information, recipes and ideas to fight this battle with. A little about me; I am 51 years old, married with children, and a blended family. I have never been smaller than a size 10 and that is the goal of my weight loss. Any smaller and I will not look right, and my husband don’t like thin girls LOL. So my eating became out of control once I stopped caring. I am trying to get back my high school weight and I am doing very well on my program. The plans and my goals are all outlined in my book Help! I am morbidly obese which is on kindle eBook for .99 while supplies last (another little joke). So I hope you find my blog resourceful, helpful and interesting and feel free to share all advice recipes and stories. If I had to give one word of advice I would say, be true to yourself, love yourself and be good to yourself. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. And anything you do ( like lose weight) do it for yourself. Because if you set out to do something to please someone else it will not last, however if YOU want to change for you then you will be successful.


Love Joni