Do I love to eat or am I addicted to food.

That was a question asked by a friend of mine that got me wondering, what is the difference in loving to eat and being addicted to food? I love to eat and I love food that is why I battle with weight issues. I am not having any medical issues and I am by all other standards a healthy woman. I don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or any other issue associated with being overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

So I began to compare the two statements. Do I love to eat or am I addicted to food. The first thing to come up is having a healthy relationship with food. And as far as either one of the statements goes neither of them have a healthy relationship with food. So I began to research food addiction. This is what I found.

Food addiction is defined as a disease similar to drug or alcohol addiction where the same chemical reaction in the brain that is triggered by drug or alcohol is triggered by eating certain foods or a certain amount of foods. It is also uncontrollable cravings that lead to excessive eating or binge eating. Usually the foods are carbohydrate rich foods, sugary foods and salty, greasy foods.

When a person who is addicted to food eats and experiences the high or pleasure from the food they will continue to use food as a comfort and pleasure tool. People that are addicted to food uses food as their pacifiers, they also use it as an emotional crutch. So when something is stressing them out they turn to food for comfort and relief.

The more the individual eats the more satisfaction they feel. This leads to a desire to eat even more and continue to eat after they are already full. This play an important part in weight problems like obesity and morbid obesity.

Food addicts are obsessed with food and socially they try to hide their symptoms from other people like

  • Hiding when they eat so other people won’t see how much they are eating
  • Not going to social events because they don’t want anyone to see them eat
  • Not going to events because you have gained so much weight and don’t feel like you good in your clothes anymore
  • Sneaking food to eat later or eating it somewhere else so no one sees how much you are eating
  • Staying at home to eat instead of going out with friends.
  • Being obsessed with food to the point you are not paying anyone else or anything else any attention except the food.

Eventually food addicts slowly isolate themselves from friends and family because they want to spend more time with food. And they began to; feel ashamed about their weight, their self-esteem goes down, and they become depressed.

Food addicts began to reward themselves with food, eating when they are not hungry, eating when they are upset, when they are happy, or anxious. Also when certain foods are not available or quantities are not available.

There are several types of food addicts, Binge eaters, Bulimia, Anorexia and just plain Food addicts. These article is basically about Food addicts and Binge eaters.

Binge eaters gorge themselves on large quantities of food and usually hide behind closed doors so other people don’t see how much they are eating.  Binge eating usually happens after a very restrictive diet and can last a couple of hours. Binge eaters often eat when they are not hungry and continue to eat even after they are full. They will also gorge themselves as fast as they can and barely realize what and how much they are eating.

So now let’s talk about people that love to eat. Because there are people that just love food and love to eat. However they stop eating when they are full and they don’t hide to eat. They still have somewhat of a unhealthy relationship with food because they will overeat often especially when what they are eating is enjoyable to them. Sometimes these people are overweight and sometimes they are not because they can control their eating. So the answer to the question is this can you control your eating, do you hide food and gorge yourself when you are alone? This is a very deep topic and I am interested in hearing from you about this topic. In the meantime I will continue to gather information and post more as I come across it.


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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say I love this site and all of its helpful information. I hope to utilize all of the tools to live a healthier lifestyle.
    Thank you

    P.S. Congrats cuz..I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments!!! Love you *XoXoX*

  2. I love to eat and today my job had a company picnic, I tried to be prepared by bringing lettuce leaves for my sandwiches, but I did cheat with the pasta salad and the chips. I don’t feel bad because I believe you need to give yourself a cheat sometimes. Not a whole day of cheating but a item will keep you from giving up on your diet.

  3. the summer is almost over and I did well but holidays make me nervous I have to have a plan or I will overeat I did slip once or twice but I still did ok

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